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Access keys

What are access keys?

Access keys are keyboard shortcuts and deliver quick access to important links on this site without using your mouse.

This may benefit people with motor skill difficulties who use assistive technologies and require direct keyboard access to main areas of information

To enhance the usefulness of access keys the following standard has been adopted for implementation on all Queensland Government web sites. The State Library of Queensland has implemented the standard as follows for the Corner Toolkit site:

1. Queensland Government Gateway

2. State Library of Queensland home page

3. Site map

4. Contact us

5. Site search

6. Access key help [this page]

How to use access keys

If you are using a Windows computer, select the "Alt" key and then the access key number to highlight the link. Select the "Enter" key to go to the linked page.

If you are using a Macintosh computer, select the "Control" and the access key number to highlight the link, then the "Return" key to go to the linked page.

Skip links

If you are using an assistive technology such as a screen reader to browse this site, skip links are provided at the beginning of the page to allow you to move quickly to key information such as the primary navigation, secondary navigation or content.

The links are not visible in a graphical browser but can be accessed as the first links in the tab order for each page.

Tab order

State Library websites have a logical tab order for navigating without a mouse. Use the "Tab" key on your keyboard to move to the next link or field. Use "Shift" plus "Tab" to move backwards, and the "Enter" key to follow links and submit forms. Most browsers support these functions.

More information

If you have a general enquiry, contact us in any of the following ways:

For general enquiries:



Last updated: 28th October 2015

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