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Island necklaces

Using images of beads made by Erub Artist in the Torres Strait for inspiration, the activity will see children creating their very own Island necklaces using simple materials and instructions. Just like Torres Strait Islander bead makers today, encourage children to use more contemporary materials or objects they can find around the house.

An archipelago

After watching the ‘Picture This’ story 'How fire was brought to Torres Strait’, the activity will allow children to explore the geography of the archipelago of the Torres Strait.

Artwork using natural materials

This activity will see children creating their very own rubbings using a few simple instructions and natural and contemporary materials sourced from the park, backyard or around their house.


This activity will see children creating beautiful and unique island flowers.

'Brilliant boats' for exploring the stormy seas

Using the book Brilliant Boats by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker as a literary launching pad, the activity will see children constructing their very own boats using simple materials and simple instructions from an instructional video – and then go out to explore the seas.


Using images of traditional Torres Strait Islander masks and artefacts as inspiration, the activity will see children and their parents creating their very own masks using contemporary materials. Many Torres Strait Islander artists today incorporate contemporary materials and imagery such as aeroplanes into the design of their artworks and artefacts.


Last updated: 9th November 2015

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