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An Archipelago


After watching the ‘Picture This’ story 'How fire was brought to Torres Strait’, the activity will allow children to explore the geography of the archipelago of the Torres Strait.


The Torres Strait Islands are a unique part of Queensland, both culturally and geographically. This activity focuses on engaging children with the physical aspects of the Torres Strait such as its location, structure and beautiful colours. By exploring the archipelago, children will be better able to understand the culture that has evolved there, for instance, travelling from island to island by boat, fishing for tropical fish and the importance of the sea in all aspects of Islander life.

Key concepts

Design, Craft and Exploration

Key language:

Island, Archipelago and Torres Strait.


Plain paper party plates or, alternatively, pure plastic picnic plates
Crayons/felt pens or water colour paint
Household rubber bands
Glue/sticky-tape on dispenser

Activity steps

Step 1: Watching the story

Watch the ‘Picture This’ story ‘How fire was brought to Torres Strait’. 

The story and the artwork in it were made by children at the State Library of Queensland.
Ask children to look out for the many different islands shown in this story.

Strategic questions:

You may also like to point out that Australia is actually a very, very big island.


Step 2: Exploring the Torres Strait

Show children a map of the Torres Strait and find the island that your chosen story comes from.

Show children aerial photographs of the Islands in the Torres Strait.  Ask children to take note of the colours. 

Torres Strait Islands

Torres Strait Islands


Strategic questions:


Step 3: Make your own island

Invite children to make their own island using coloured paper and collage materials. Encourage older children to add drawings of sea creatures, boats, people and villages. Show them a finished prototype – preferably one that a child has done.

Strategic questions:


Step 4: Naming your island

When children are satisfied with what they have made, ask them to write the name of their island.

Strategic questions:




Last updated: 23rd September 2011

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