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Fold your own books

  1. Fold the paper in half the long way
    step one
  2. Open the paper and fold it in half the short way
    step two
  3. Take one layer of paper, flip the edge back to meet the fold, and crease
    step three
  4. Turn the paper over; flip the edge of the paper back to meet the fold, and crease
    step four
  5. Place the paper on the table so that you see a W for World when you look at the end and then cut through the middle
  6. With your wrists above your fingers, hold the two halves of the W from the top
    step six
  7. Turn your wrists to the sides. You will have an open book with four sections
  8. Bring three of the sections together. Fold the last section on top of the other three so that you have a flat book
    step eight


Last updated: 16th July 2013

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